Welcome to divSpot, where we specialize in PHP, the WordPress platform, plugin and theme based development services to help your business succeed online.
At divSpot we are committed to delivering high-quality, custom-built solutions that are tailored to meet your specific personal or business needs.

Online Services? Of Course We Do!

  • PHP development: With over 10 years of working with PHP behind us we’ve got the skills to develop the solutions your online business needs.

  • Performance and SEO optimization: Our solutions are optimized for user experience, performance and search engine rankings.

  • E-commerce development: We can help you set up an online store and integrate payment processing and shipping solutions.

  • Mobile focused development: We focus on mobile friendly solutions that offer responsive or adaptive layouts for modern desktops and devices.

  • Website maintenance and support: We offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your website is up-to-date, secure, and functioning properly.

We Breathe WordPress

You may have heard about WordPress, it’s a relatively small platform and not all that popular…

Or is it?

According to some online statistics WordPress is estimated to have a ~63% market share of all websites whose content management systems are known.
That’s a roughly estimated ~43% of the entire web!

We’ve been passionately part of those MIND BLOWING statistics for over 10 years!
WordPress is an amazing, multi-featured, easy-to-use, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain platform that allows us to focus on developing your solutions with near infinite flexibility and efficiency that helps us shift our focus to your business. The question really is, what do you need?

Whether you’re looking for a reliable web development partner or a short term project development team, look no further than divSpot. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed online.

Our Development Solutions



WordPress offers thousands of free plugins that solve just about every problem you can think of, and we’re experts at filtering and tailoring these solutions to exactly what you need; And if we can’t, we’ll just develop it for you!



I can see… WordPress themes. They’re all around us! Sometimes knowing which one to choose can be a daunting challenge. We’ll handle the stresses of choosing or developing a theme for you.



Not a fan of WordPress? Don’t worry, we won’t judge. We can still provide technical support or develop your custom PHP project from the ground up for you! Contact us below for a free consultation.

Free Consultation, let’s discuss your project!