The divSpot DS Site Message plugin has been updated to version 1.13.2. As with any WordPress plugin if you are running an older version it is recommended that you update.

Since plugins updates haven’t been covered per version release, we’ll be looking at some of the changes that have been introduced since v1.1215:



  • Update: Restructured the asset folders.
  • Update: Moved the “Live Preview” button from the tabs nav to the sticky container.
  • Fix: Fixed a preview button language issue.


  • Update: Settings template updated to save option values with Ajax.
  • Update: Options are now being saved automatically when using the Preview feature.
  • Update: Added a sticky effect to the form save buttons.
  • Update: Added a quick link to the Google fonts page.


  • Update: Settings pages merged into a single page with tabbed navigation.
  • Update: Legacy (unused) settings cleaned from DB.
  • Update: Color picker added.
  • Update: Interface updated.
  • Update: DS Core merged in.
  • Update: Font stylisation options added.
  • Fix: Plugin code rewritten for better efficiency and maintainability.

For a full change-log be sure to visit the plugin’s WordPress repository page: